Trauma relief refugees and self care training

Our mission is integration and peace making. – De Bell Noma Groep

Trauma relief refugees and self care training

Our mission is integration and peace making. We want the refugees to overcome their trauma to lead a peaceful and fulfilled existence in the Dutch society.

Source: Mercy Corps 2015

Imagine your country at war. Imagine bombs falling on the houses in your streets and snipers on the way to school. Imagine seeing dead bodies every other week. Imagine fearing for your life, your children and your loved ones. Constantly and relentlessly. Finally the decision arises to leave all of this behind, your home, your country, everything that you have known up to this moment. Your destination: safe haven Netherlands. You set all your hope for a safe and perhaps even happy future in this far away destination.

You make your way through dangerous countries. You encounter unkind people, people that take advantage of you and your family, come close the starvation, sleepless and on the road. After months of hardships you finally arrive at your destination. But the struggle is far from over.

You have go through the process of asylum seeking, waiting for the permit, living in asylum centers with several hundred other people under one roof, waiting for a place to stay, perhaps waiting to be reunited with your family, going through intense mourning process over all what you have lost, no certainty about the future. This will put stress on anyone, let alone on someone who carries trauma from a war and a harrowing flight.

No wonder that fists will fly and that frustration, irritation and misery goes through the roof. Unfortunately this is all the public sees.

Trauma relief refugees and self care training for peaceful integration

We offer trauma relief and self care training to the refugees. The main purpose is to help the refuges heal their flight and war experience and to prevent conflict during the integration process into the Dutch society.

Both sides, the refugees and the Dutch society, benefit:

  1. The integration becomes easier for the Dutch society, because the refugees coming in don’t carry their war and flight trauma into society.
  2. The refugees can come to peace sooner, are open for integration und know how to go about their future again.

What is trauma?

Trauma means that a person has experienced something so shocking that he/she cannot forget it. The same person who felt before a shock safe and in control of her/his life, experiences fear, anger, helplessness and desperation and can be easily triggered by external stimuli. Everyone feels like this after a shock – this is normal. However, if these sensations last longer than a few weeks, they are indications of trauma and need to be processed.

De Bell Noma Groep

De Bell Noma Groep is a group of mental care specialists comprised of professional Co-Active coaches, child psychologists and family psychologists. Together we want to offer our services for trauma relief and self care training.

Our goal is to help the refugees recognize and work through their trauma. The training is geared towards empowerment and self care practice. This is done in form of 3 days training, in which the participants are gently lead to the trauma experience, start processing the trauma and get empowerment for the future. We have delivered such training in Nepal, after the earthquake. The training had enormous positive impact on the participants. More under
In certain cases we want to offer additional group and individual coaching and counseling. That applies in particular to families and children who came alone.

We are here to offer the refugees relief and regain the sense of safety. We want to them to restore the sense of being able to take up a normal life again and have a future in this country or the country they return to. We want them to come to peace (again) and live a harmonious and fulfilling existence in society.

The anticipated outcomes:

  1. An open attitude towards integration, resulting in
  2. Faster integration
  3. Less frustration and anger on both sides – the refugees and the Dutch society
  4. Less fights in refugee camps
  5. Clear goals and future

To learn more about our trauma relief refugees training, the mission and the group, please contact us email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Bell Noma Groep members

 Nadja Muller-den Blijker, MSc

  • Owner & Founder of Bell Noma
  • Certified Co-Active® Coach, CPCC
  • Languages: English, German, Dutch

Layla El Zein, MBA

  • Owner & Founder of Elymu
  • Professional trained Co-Active® Coach
  • Languages: English, Arabic, French

 Coen Hamming, CPCC

  • Owner & Founder of Coaching Amsterdam
  • Certified Co-Active® Coach, CPCC
  • Languages: English, Dutch

Marianne van Wetter, PhD

  • Co-Owner & Founder of MountainChildCare
  • Certified Co-Active® Coach, CPCC
  • Languages: English, Dutch