I started coaching with Nadja when I was going through a major transition. I was feeling overwhelmed. Coaching with Nadja was one of the best decisions I could have made. Immediately, I felt supported, nurtured, and heard. My imagination was engaged and I was creatively solving my own problems. I was empowered. I have learned so much in such a short time. I am becoming more assertive, confident, and creative. I am developing better interpersonal skills to relate to others and I am becoming kinder and gentler to myself. Nadja is a star; this is her calling. Nadja is by far the best coach I have ever worked with. She has given me the tools to take care of myself so that I can be of service to the world with my gifts and talents. Thank you, Nadja!

Khristee Rich


Through the coaching with Nadja I now have / am more connected with myself and have the courage to express it in all aspects of my life. Learning about myself through coaching has boosted my inner-confidence. I have a new appreciation for what my abilities and potential are.

Akua Obeng-Frimpong




Through the coaching with Nadja I now have reduced the level of anxiety in my life and increased calmness. Nadja helped me to achieve a new attitude towards others and myself; she encouraged me to move away from judging, accept flaws and mistakes and she started me on the path of exercising gratefulness and self-compassion. I now understand that goals, hard work and significant achievements may be attainable even if I do not constantly beat myself up. In fact the harsh judgmental approach to myself took away a huge amount of energy and focus and therefore it is possible that reducing this in fact increases productivity and brought me closer to actually realizing my goals. I am truly grateful to Nadja for steering me into this direction. I am determined to stay on the path of exercising gratefulness and seeking balance.

…………………….Krisztina Bana


The welcoming of the unknown is Nadja’s strength, helping us to turn the unkown into something known so we can work with it. Being inspired herself, Nadja always manages to inspire others. Bringing her on board will bring a wind of change and you’ll be in really good hands.

Dieter Wimberger



I’ve worked with various coaches and Nadja is by far the best. Having the proper training and expertise is important, but even more so is knowing when and how to apply it. It’s Nadja’s intuition that is unique as she is quick to respond with the right course of action. Through working with Nadja, I’ve discovered new depths to explore. I’m grateful to call her my coach and friend.

Ramiro Parra Perez



I was between jobs and uncertain of myself and where I would fit. Coaching with Nadja is pure inspiration. She challenged me to question my limits and I actually enjoyed it! I started stepping out of my old comfort zones, acquiring new ones on the way that were much larger. In the end I landed my dream job.  A job that I never dared to even dream of. Thanks Nadja!

Michiel den Berg



When I met Nadja, I was the classic starving artist. Everyone told me I had talent, but didn’t hire me. It was like hitting a wall over and over again. With Nadja I finally discovered what was holding me back were my own inner critiques (which she call saboteurs;)). I became more comfortable with my own “short-comings” and didn’t have to fight them so hard anymore. On the outside I became more relaxed, allowing people be relaxed around me. And then it started happening, one gig after the other. It’s cool to be cool with myself.

Stefano Roth



I knew I had to clean up life. I didn’t know how and what. I just knew that it was a mess. By coaching with Nadja I found my way through the confusion. At times the uncertainty of who I am was so frustrating that I could scream. She held me steadfast and accountable. Slowly but surely I figured out what I wanted to keep and what I wanted throw out. I feel so much more solid and certain of myself than ever before in my life.

Marian Barsky



Nadja’s ability to get me to hear my own voice, to trust my own intuition, was exactly what I needed in the moment; and it has proved invaluable to me since my time with Nadja. At important junctures in my life the power of my work with Nadja remains as a northern star pointing me on toward the truest expression of who I am. For this I am forever grateful.

Theresa Banningham



Through the coaching with Nadja I now have more understanding as to why I felt stuck, what was preventing me from moving forward. I have discovered what was bothering me at my core, which is a very valuable discovery indeed. I now feel myself and aligned with who I am. Our coaching has also encouraged me to focus more on my self-limiting patterns which I have been aware of, which I have not worked with thoroughly though.

Maria Brestanska


I find myself moving through my life more and more connected to my compassionate voice within and without that comes from my heart.  Unfolding, developing, and deepening in response to the work.

Monique Dubois



Nadja is just the warmest and empathetic human being I ever encountered. She literally held me whilst I was healing. It lead me to discover parts of myself that I wasn’t aware existed. I never knew I had so much strength in me to take on everything life threw and still throws at me. With Nadja you will be in the best hands.

Kyra Muller


It has been a real learning experience, a journey. To get as a grown up the opportunity to stop and think instead of just doing and running is special. Going from a reactive into a proactive way of going about my life and work has been truly empowering.

Francine Dembitz



Great results from coaching with Nadja. With her warm and enthusiastic way of working I got inspired to work with my own team in that manner. The approach worked like magic, I swear.  My team started opening up so many possibilities that we turned the business around rarely surviving to growing by 15% this year!

Giovanni Taylor


What is biggest win in coaching with Nadja? I have stopped second guessing myself. What a relief to simply trust my intuition and walk into any situation with the sense of knowing who I am and what my purpose is.

James Brennan



Nadja has given us the ability to step back and structure the business in a way that we always know how to go forward. We have come out of firefighting mode and much more forward looking and anticipating. Our results have been very good, we have 25% higher client retention rate than before.

Team Cantor


Nadja is totally focused and prepared. She keeps in her mind “what’s our story?” and us focused on our vision. Her coaching made us more streamlined. With that came complete clarity for our clients what we can deliver. We are now a specialised consultancy serving our clients to supreme satisfaction instead of saving all and nobody.

Urubaen Consulting


Coaching with Nadja & virtual reality was the beak-through. I have worked with another coach before and always hated it when I was asked to imagine myself in future or the likes. With virtual reality it is so easy to go there! I finally got it what this talk about visualization and manifestation is about. It is empowering. I feel I am right on target of what I want to achieve. Virtual Reality rocks! And you too, Nadja!

Hugo Vasques