Mindfulness is the energy of being aware and waking up to the present moment. As in the cartoon, instead of our mind being full with the experiences, emotions and thoughts of the day or the weeks before, we look up and see the world once again for what it is.

It is refreshing and rejuvenating to empty our minds of the clutter and restlessness and just be. A practice that lets you connect to the here and the now is breathing in and out slowly and becoming aware of your body once more. A simple check: how do the shoulders and neck feel? Are they tense? What are the arms and hands doing? What is going on in your chest and belly? What’s the sensation in the legs?

A way to connect deeply with yourself and life is through meditation. There is no secret in doing it. You sit still and watch your emotions and thoughts float by, like clouds in the sky. If you notice that you get carried away by the thoughts and emotions, simply recognise it and come back to the present moment.

In the stillness and quiet concentration is possible once again. With concentration insights are possible that help you to understand. To understand yourself, others and issues that have been puzzling you.

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