Nadja Muller-den Blijker

Certified professional coach Nadja Muller-den Blijker

Nadja coaches and trains people to access their inner leadership, manage and reconcile internal and external conflicts. Through her personal and professional development as field engineer in Africa, mother, project manager in oil & gas and certification as professional coach she helps people to establish their inner leadership by mastering their own fears and bringing peace to their inner being.

Her coaching, leadership workshops and trauma relief training have been booked and praised by private companies and schools (Shell, ISA, etc.), professional networks (Connecting Women, Start-Me-Up, etc.) and non-for-profit organizations (MountainChildCare, The Hague Peace and Justice Net, etc.)

When she is not teaching people to become aware of their inner dialogue and conquer their fears, working with refugees and natural disaster survivors on trauma relief and revolutionizing coaching with virtual reality, she can be found with her family outdoors, accompanied by two rescue dogs, or indulging the occasional fantasy/ Sci-Fi novel.


Languages: English, German, Dutch

Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach, CPCC (CTI)

Associate Certfied Coach, ACC (ICF)

Virtual Reality Coach

Mindfulness coach – mindfulness training by Thich Nhat Hanh

Conflict resolution and peacemaker – reconciliation work utilizing the Co-Active® model, mindfulness, Robbins-Madanes intervention strategies and Pia Mellody co-dependence / codependency framework.

EMDR practitioner

University education in science and engineering – graduated from the Montanuniversity in Austria with Diplom Ingenieur (Master of Engineering)

15 years oil and gas industry and carbon capture and storage (CCS) experience in various roles:

  • Project and program manager
  • Leader of project, research and operation teams incl. operational difficult field environments such as Congo and Chad
  • Business developer with commercial management
  • Research scientist
  • Field and research engineer

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She supports the “Sop smoking” Quitza forum with professional coaching services.

Nadja Muller-den Blijker, MSc, CPCC

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Nadja’s ability to get me to hear my own voice, to trust my own intuition, was exactly what I needed in the moment; and it has proved invaluable to me since my time with Nadja. At important junctures in my life the power of my work with Nadja remains as a northern star pointing me on toward the truest expression of who I am. For this I am forever grateful.

Theresa Banningham