Confidence Coach Nadja Muller-den Blijker

Are you facing a change or doing something new?

Perhaps you are familiar with this inner dialogue.

First inner voice speaks up: Stay where you are. It’s good here, you know it well.

Then a second voice is speaking up:
You are not good enough for this. How do you know you can do this? Who do you think you are?

Another voice joins the chorus of fear:
I am scared. I don’t know what’s on the other side. There is so much unknown.

Here the counterpoint: The leader in you knows where to go and what direction to take. Your internal leader is informed by the voice of reason and knowing.

But if the internal team is not working together, the leader is constantly busy sorting out the inner conflict.

My job is to first help you to discern the different voices and then work with you to unite the team with the inner leader, so that you become more confident and accelerate your career and business.

I am a multilingual certified confidence coach and I coach professionals like you to gain more confidence, certainty and compassion when dealing with big challenges and change. I help you to get the best out of these challenges and embrace all you are capable of becoming.

I know the corporate world well, with all its pain and gain, having worked in the oil and energy industry for 15 years before hitching the fulfilling ride of Co-Active Coaching.

Here is the first cue: the voice of fear is speaking up when you are about to exit your comfort zone.  What gives confidence is to realize your own intuition and instincts and to act on them.

The results of working with me: you become more self-confident, certain and peaceful, which in turn leads to reaching your career, business and life goals and so much more!

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How can you get involved in coaching?

Contact Nadja Muller-den Blijker at +31 6 520 41 375 or email hidden; JavaScript is required.

We set up a get-to-know each other session that is complimentary. Depending on what you prefer and where you are, we connect via Skype, FaceTime, phone or in person.

Before the get-to-know each other session you can fill in the wheel-of-life that takes a snapshot of all 8 important areas of your life. You send me a copy of the wheel-of-life. Here a link for an interactive version for the wheel of life.

From this snapshot I coach you around the topic that emerges as most important to you. I let you know if we are a match and more details on how you can get involved in coaching.

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The welcoming of the unknown is Nadja’s strength, helping us to turn the unkown into something known so we can work with it.
Being inspired herself, Nadja always manages to inspire others. Bringing her on board will bring a wind of change and you’ll be in really good hands.

Dieter Wimberger